Case study – Flo Docherty, The Personal Travel Agents

Social Media Management

In Summary
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The Client

Flo Docherty is a travel expert with The Personal Travel Agents. She takes your vision of a perfect holiday and works on your behalf to find and organise it – destinations, travel arrangements, places to stay, things to do…

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The Brief

Flo was using social media to promote her business, but she’s the first to admit that she wasn’t making the most of it.

“I thought I was rubbish at social media. I’m 58 so haven’t grown up with it. I needed some help, and Cale was so passionate about what he does. I knew he was the person to go to.”

The Process

Flo attended 4 of our training courses – InstagramFacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

“Being of the older generation, Facebook is the one I would choose but through Cale and Clare, I learnt that I needed Instagram. I had an account, but Instagram was very new to me.”

Twitter and LinkedIn were also new to Flo, and she wanted to find out how they worked. The courses gave her the confidence and enthusiasm to set up profiles on both platforms straight away.

It was absolutely brilliant! Cale and Clare were there if you needed help, and to tell you `Yes, you’re doing it right’… although I learnt that there’s no wrong way of doing it.”

The Result

Before she attended the training courses, Flo would post special offers for holidays, but very little about herself.

“I worried that most people just wanted posts about cheap holidays. Cale and Clare taught me that people want to see what I’m doing – so now, I post exactly what I want to post.
I’ve had some brilliant bookings from posting things that aren’t at all to do with the business. It’s given me confidence I didn’t have before.”

Flo’s more personal approach has had a spectacular effect on her business bottom line – including a recent booking for a £20,000 holiday which came in as a direct result of her social media activity.

“Bookings are way above what they were this time last year. So far, my business is up 75%, and that’s only since January.”

Overall, the training courses have given Flo the knowledge and confidence to take charge of her social media in a way that suits and reflects her own style.

“I believe in myself more. I know what I’m doing now, and I know what I’m doing is right. It’s just brilliant, the best money I’ve ever spent.”

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