Social Media Strategy

Save time, save effort, ditch the confusion

Let’s be honest. Without a focused social media strategy, the whole thing can be confusing, overwhelming and downright messy.

It’s also time-consuming. And when you’re busy growing a business, `time-consuming’ can take a running jump.

Now imagine how it would be if your social media ran like clockwork. Fantastic content, posted in the right place at the right time, with enthusiastic engagement from a well-targeted audience.

Ta da! We can help you with that.

Social media strategy… without the confusion

I devise workable, creative and realistic social media strategies for small and medium sized businesses like yours.

Here’s what we do:

  • Pinpoint the most valuable platforms for your business.
  • Identify your target audience.
  • Share tips on how to curate, create and post content that engages your audience.
  • Work with you to find an authentic, consistent brand `voice’.
  • Provide tailored advice on when and how often to post.
  • Share tools and software that will save you hours (if not days) of valuable time.

Actually, let’s just repeat that last one. An intelligent social media strategy will free up hours of your time. You can spend that time concentrating on your business, your friends and family, your favourite hobby… or just yourself.

The fact is, you won’t be wasting any more time on social media. Instead, your efforts will be highly focused and driven by results.

Results-driven social media strategy (Hint… It involves data)

We don’t want to get all geeky or anything, but social media is a goldmine when it comes to data. It reveals how users view, share and engage with your content.

OK, data sounds like hard work, but it’s actually very easy.

As we design your social media strategy, we’ll help you set realistic objectives. Then we’ll explain (in plain English) how to use your data to measure success.

In the end, it means you can make smarter decisions about how you use social media for business.

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